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It can hit you all of a sudden or sneak up on you out of the blue.  You know, you look at a space in your home that you have seen a million times, and either suddenly or …. finally, you say out loud, “It’s time for a change!”

But where do you start?  How do you pull together all of the pieces and start the momentum to complete the project?  Who has time?  How do you create a realistic budget?  

Oh, just forget it.  

Does this scenario sound familiar?  It is very common, but it does not have to play out this way.  Updating space in your home is absolutely a possibility.  Here is the secret.  Ready?  Just start. 

I know.  It sounds too easy, right?  But that’s the beauty of it all.  You just have to start. 

And the secret ingredient is that starting is energizing and a little addicting.  You start with something that you either absolutely HATE – like that recliner, or that wallpaper, or that ceiling fan.  It doesn’t matter as long as you have a strong response connected to something. 

Or you have found something that you LOVE.  You saw a headboard in a store, a lamp on a sofa table in a magazine, a piece of wall art, or a paint color.

Whatever has your attention, focus on bringing it home or getting rid of it.  The next step is creating a mood board or something like it that begins to bring your wishlist together.  Include wall colors, flooring, fabric for furniture, pictures of lighting, chair styles, countertops – whatever is applicable to your space.  Collect images of spaces you find appealing and see where you can incorporate aspects of those spaces in your home.

You may not have everything nailed down, but once you have given it some thought you are ready to reach out to a designer.  I can help you create a budget and guide you in selecting materials that will give you the space you envision within that budget.  There are different grades of tiles, counters, flooring, and cabinets.  We can determine your color palette, textures, and materials; create a timeline, and begin transforming your space.

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