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Can using a Designer ever feel a little intimidating? Sure.  A little more like a want than a need?   Possibly.  But you might ask yourself – “Can I afford NOT to get some professional guidance when I will be spending this much money?”

What makes me a good candidate you ask? If you answer yes to 1 or more of the following, a designer could be an absolute benefit for you and your project.

-Do you have a project or 7 on your list to do but don’t even know how or where to start?

-Do you know what you like but don’t have the time or experience in finding what you need or resources to find it?

-Are you good at picking the pieces that you love and complement each other, but you struggle with deciding how to pull the room together. ?

-Do you find it difficult to describe what you like, but know exactly what you Don’t like when you see it?!

– Are you able to visualize a project in its final stage?  Would you benefit from someone providing you with an image of what it could look like while you are in the planning stage?

-Are you planning on building a new home.? Contractors will build you the taj mahal as long as you provide them with your vision and can communicate your dream home to them first.

-Could you benefit from a single professional’s guidance to narrow down a decision.

-Are you so busy working and Mommying full time that you need someone to make things happen while you keep on running kids around to practice, and try to keep that weekly workout schedule!

I have created a Design Process that will easily guide you through each phase with ease. 

As a designer, my primary job is to help you bring your vision to reality.  I meet with you, ideally, at the beginning of a project.  We talk and begin to determine style, palette, purpose, and of course budget in order for you to better imagine your finished project.

If after that conversation you don’t have the warm fuzzies then maybe we aren’t the right fit and that is ok. Just shoot me an email back saying you are going in a different direction.

However, if we did chat and you do want more information I will send you an email with a layout of how I work and possibly an estimate for your project. If you read that and get excited to move forward we will set up an in-home meeting so I can see your space, take pictures and measurements!

Fill out a contact form and let’s chat about your project!! 


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