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I am craving more color in my own world, as well as in my clients’ spaces, then in past years. And when we look at the color trend predictions for 2021, I don’t think I am alone! The past year has set the tone for health, happiness, and connections: what we are all craving and needing in 2021. It’s been SO FUN to see those desires shape the palettes that are coming into play – earthy and warm but sprinkled throughout with brighter colors. I am LOVING IT!

Aegean Teal

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is Aegean Teal. The title really says it all: refreshing and new! This year, we are seeing a little bit of a departure from the minimalist white, as it is replaced with color. The amazing thing about this teal is that it doesn’t feel loud or obnoxious, but brings a warm, calming, and natural vibe to your space. Check out how lovely this bench looks!

Amazon Soil

Another upcoming color trend from Benjamin Moore is Amazon Soil, which is a deep mauve that has been showing up on lots of Instagram posts! Once again, taking inspiration from the elements outside has provided a source of peace, tranquility, and harmony for our interiors this year. Find this one and more at

Modern Gray

From Sherwin Williams, we are seeing more of those rich, warm, natural tones on the horizon! Modern Gray has a lightness and versatility that makes it easy to incorporate often, without it feeling overused. It is subtle, yet adds a little more interest than some neutral colors.

Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze has been a long-time favorite of mine, so I am glad to see it step into the spotlight in 2021. Sherwin Williams has done a great job of curating a palette that is refreshing and calming for 2021, with Urbane Bronze serving as a sort of anchor. It lends such a rich tone to any space, and often offers the contrast I am looking for. 

It is always thrilling to me to watch new trends and styles evolve, and to be a part of that process as I explore what works best for my client and which colors and tones play best together. And although there are trend predictions and style trajectories, there is so much freedom in design, which is one of the reasons why I love what I do.


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