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Yes! Designers know fabric and materials. It’s like…our job! So when we find a good source for beautiful pillows, we are over the moon excited to share them with YOU, our clients! Honestly, most designers would curate their own fabric line if the opportunity presented itself. I sure would!

With that being said I will also add that designer pillows are not for everyone. I personally have two rowdy boys that somehow always seem to build a fort or have a wrestling match with our pillows. At this stage in our family, I do not have expensive pillows on my sofa! I do, however, have them in my bedroom…it’s all in the balance. 

Let me share a little bit about the difference and why they are an investment.

Throw pillow

Designer pillow @susanconnor_ny

Whether you are shopping in a high end shop or looking for something unique at a Home Goods, knowing what you are looking at can make a difference.  First take a look at the tags to identify the material.  Polyester and Cotton is a common material used in a standard throw pillow. If it lists Belgium Linen, 100% natural linen or 100% wool then you are very likely holding a quality throw pillow.  Vintage materials are often taken from a larger piece such as a rug.  This will not be noted on any tags so you would need to ask about that particular piece.

Dharai Textile- @gingersparrow

Another factor that contributes to the price of high quality pillows is how it was made.  Again this information usually won’t be reflected on tags on the pillow, so you would need to engage the sales staff to find out if the pillow was a.) Hand woven 2.) Hand block printed 3.) Hand loom produced 4.) Overdyed or 5.) Use of Mud cloth


Lastly the insert of a High End throw pillow should always be a natural fill such a down or a down alternative.  It should withstand “the designer chop” which leaves a nice crease down the center.  Custom options such as size and fabric will also fall into the “pricey” bracket when shopping for those final touches to your room.

When searching online it is difficult to determine from a picture if a particular pillow is worth a high price tag.  I  never trust the color from a screen and always order a sample. Often your designer can fill you in on the pillow and it’s story as well as provide you with a fabric sample you get to touch and feel.  Once a connection has been made, the decision becomes easier. When you finally give that pillow a big hug and see it styled on your new sofa or bed…all is good with the world!!!


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