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Classic backsplash tile, with or without a twist?

I am referring to the classic subway tile we all know and love! Today I want to fill you in on how versatile this little tile can be and why I think it will stand the test of time.

Okay, now down to business! A backsplash can be a great update to any kitchen, whether it’s brand new or you are finally ready to add one after all these years. The options are endless when you start looking. The classic is obviously the original 3×6 flat-gloss, white tile we all think of first when we hear “subway tile”. When I discuss subway tile options with new clients I often find myself explaining that there are so many different versions that could really fit within every style at a pretty good price point. Let me break it down for you. 

These tiles vary in size, style, texture, and finish. Starting with the classic 3×6 size ranging on up to 4×12. Like a great cocktail, it is all about proportions. Style options with a clean-cut edge, glass, handmade artisan quality to them. Some have a crackle look to the face, while others have a bevel to the front which creates more depth to the surface. There could even be a combination of a crackle with a bevel which is absolutely stunning! The finish on the tile can give the classic an entirely new feel. Matte finishes have been a big deal in the design world on multiple different materials! A matte tile backsplash will give it a more relaxed vibe. Back to that cocktail – will it be a nice clean vodka tonic or a bit more relaxed like a Mojito?

Installation is another element that will give your subway tile a completely different look. Classic brick lay is the traditional pattern. For a more contemporary effect in your kitchen, either stack them straight on top of each other or run them vertically.  Then there is the herringbone pattern!   Labor cost is a bit higher with a good installer, BUT with the right size and style, it would look fantastic! The best cocktails are created by great mixologists.

Vertical Stack
Herringbone Pattern

Now comes the part that’s not as exciting, but still important – grout colors. Grout can have a huge impact on the look/style you are trying to create. (Think….ice…no ice…) Imagine we have a white subway tile. White grout would be the choice to just let it all blend in, creating a nice beautiful background. However, if you do want the tile to stand out and show some contrast, a darker grout is a good choice. The contrast of black really shows the shape of the tile, and BONUS, it’s way easier to clean! A more moderate choice could be a light gray tone or even a brown tone if gray is not in your color pallet. If you want to get a little crazy, you can even choose a grout with some bling! Yes, there is grout that has glitter in it!

Same tile with different grout colors.

With all of the different choices and combinations, the subway tile will forever be a classic beauty or something with a surprising “twist”.


My current favorite is this subway tile. This is considered a solid color, but with a high color variance. It creates the most beautiful subtle backdrop to any kitchen or bath project! 

If you want help finding the perfect backsplash tile for your project, pop on over to my contact page and fill out an inquiry! I can’t wait to get to know you and chat about your project!! 


Image sourced- @roomfortuesday

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